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Setting categories per event
Setting categories per event

How to override the categories that were assigned through the designer

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The designer allows you to indicate which seats belong to the same category. A category gives seats a color and a price tag (which you set at rendering time). All seats belonging to a category have the same color and price. That goes for all the events that are linked to a chart.

But what if the categorisation differs from event to event? What if in Monday's session seats A-1 and A-2 are in the same category, but on Tuesday they aren't? You'd still want to use the same chart, because the seat positions and labels are exactly the same - only their categories are different.

To do so, you can override the categories you assigned through the chart designer per event (or season). Just head over to the categories tab on the event page on, which looks like this:

To override the category of a seat, you need to

  1. select the seat

  2. click the desired category in the list on the left

  3. click "Apply changes"

Managing the actual list of categories (colors, names, etc) is still done through Designer. So if you want to override the category of seat A-1 to category "Ground Floor", it means a category "Ground Floor" needs to exist on the chart.

Let your users override categories

That's possible too! Just embed the Event Manager in the manageCategories mode. More information on how to do that is available here.

They'll get the exact same interface as what is shown on the event page on

A special note for old users

This replaces the now deprecated categories and objectCategories configuration flags. They were only overriding the categories at render time, which had its drawbacks. For example, the overridden categories were not taken into account when selecting best available seats for a given category.

If you are still using those options, we highly recommend using the new way of overriding categories. Get in touch in case of questions!

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