In Seats, an event is always a single performance of a show, a single football match, a single concert. (See What is an Event?)

Sometimes, however, you'll want to book seats across multiple performances, and so across multiple events in Seats.

For example: 

  • You're selling season tickets for all home games of a given soccer club. Season pass holders buy a single seat for the whole season. 

  • You're selling seats for a multi-day event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some people buy a single seat for the full three days, others buy a seat just for one or two of them. 

  • You're selling seats for multiple time slots on the same day, but your ticket buyers are allowed to buy a single seat for consecutive time slots. 

The good news is: Seats provides support for those out-of-the-box: you can render floor plans and book seats for multiple events at the same time. 

Render & book seats for multiple events

Suppose you're selling season tickets for 10 games.

To do this, you just need to: 

  1. render the floor plan, specifying an array of event keys in the events configuration (documentation here).
    All available seats on the rendered floor plan are guaranteed to be available for all events in the list. Or, to put it differently, if a seat is booked for at least one of the events in your list, it won't be selectable on the floor plan you rendered.

  2. after the user selected their seat on the floor plan, book the seat via the Seats API for the whole list of event keys, as described here.
    Seats takes care of the all-or-nothing aspect of season tickets: either booking succeeds for all events, or it doesn’t succeed for any of them. 

Note: all events should obviously be linked to the same floor plan. You cannot render a season across different seating charts. 

Full flexibility and control over your sales process

You can adapt your group of events - i.e. your season - on the fly, just by changing the list of event keys. This means that you have full flexibility and control over how you organise your sales. 

  • You can sell season tickets and individual tickets at the same time: just change your floor plan configuration to use events instead of` event for season ticket buyers. 

  • you can sell seats for any combination of events as well: For example, on a three-day event (Fri, Sat, Sun), you can sell single seats for Friday only, a 2-day combi ticket (Fri-Sat and Sat-Sun) and a full 3-day pass, all at the same time. 

  • you could sell a 5-match package in a season of 15 home games: simply let your ticket buyers select the 5 home games they'd like tickets for, and then render the floor plan for those 5 events. All available seats will be guaranteed to be available for all 5 matches.  

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