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Switching to the new Renderer appearance
Switching to the new Renderer appearance
The new appearance brings a modern look, fluid transitions and clearer visual language to the Renderer and Event Manager.
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How to switch

New accounts since January 18 of 2023, get the new appearance automatically. Accounts created before then, will have to opt-in at either:

  • the workspace level: useful to test the new appearance separately before migrating completely. Switch to the corresponding workspace and then head to its settings.

  • the company level: to make all workspaces switch over the new appearance. Head over to Company settings to make the switch.

All accounts will be migrated to the new appearance by June 2023.

What's new

Fluid transitions

Every interaction is now beautifully animated for a more playful and engaging user experience.

New modern look

The new appearance sports a modernized and polished look. Once you get used to it, you can't go back.

New Seat appearance

New Seat labels appearance

New Area appearance

New Booth appearance

New Table booked-by-seats appearance

New Table booked-by-table appearance

New Section appearance

New selected objects aura appearance

More noticeable last seats

The new appearance can make those very important last available seats pop better for ticket buyers to locate them more easily.

Improved zoom

Pinching to zoom in and out feels better than ever with the highly optimized live zoom rendering, and the various intermediate object appearances to make them look good at every step along the way.

Try it out now!

Simply head over to the workspace settings of one of your test workspaces, flip the switch and check out the new Renderer appearance!

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