Section-based charts can have subsequent floors created after the first one is drawn.

In order to create a new floor:

  1. Create a new section-based chart, or load an existing section-based chart

  2. Start drawing the first floor

  3. Once you are done, click the + (plus) button on the floor picker at the bottom right corner of the canvas, to add a new floor

Every time you begin drawing on a new floor, the + (plus) button will become available again, all the way up to nine floors.

Converting existing charts to multiple floors

If you are converting an existing floor plan where each floor is a separate section, simply add a floor, then copy/paste the relevant section into that floor, and delete it from the initial floor where you copied it from. You may need to readjust the sections/floors to ensure a good end user view, which you can check by clicking on the Preview button at the top left of the designer.

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