By default, when you create a new floor plan, the floor plan designer requires you to choose a venue type. 

This venue type selector allows users to draw either a chart with, or one without sections.  

If you're letting your users do their own floor plan design, you may want to limit your users to just draw floor plans without sections, or just plans with sections.
It's technically not possible to just hide the venue type selector: a choice needs to be made when a new floor plan is created. 

However, you can make that choice for your user by first creating an empty seating chart through the Seats API, and then open that in the embedded designer. 

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. create an empty chart via the API, specifying the desired venue type. There are 2 possible values: ROWS_WITH_SECTIONS (chart with sections) or MIXED (chart without sections). This API call will return a new chart key.

  2. use that chart key to open the floor plan designer for that newly created & empty chart.

That way, your users will not have to, and won't be able to, choose a chart type anymore.

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